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Healthy, Happy Hens For Sale.

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We stock a colourful selection of Point of Lay Hens, all year round. 

You can pick from 14 types of hybrid hen all ideal for garden hen keeping or larger productive flocks.

Each hen will give you an egg nearly every day in their first year and you can choose from brown, white or blue egg layers.

Get in touch to arrange an appointment to visit us and take home your new flock.

Bluebell Point of Lay Hen

Meet The Girls...

Fully Vaccinated & Wormed


How to choose and collect your CHICKENS

Point of Lay Pullets

When you are ready to purchase your chickens all you need to do is contact us to arrange to visit the farm & pick up your new girls.


It's essential you book an appointment before you visit to avoid disappointment, but we are frequently here and don't mind out of hours visits with advance notice.

You can call, email or message to arrange a time to suit or alternatively use our online booking system.

The postcode will bring you right to the Farmhouse or if you prefer there is also a map with our location on the contacts page.








Please be aware that we are a working farm so keep children under supervision and wait in the car park on arrival. No dogs.

New to chicken keeping or need more info?

Hen Keeping Essentials



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Hen Holidays

No need to worry about your girls when you take a break. If friends or family aren't available to look after your girls we provide a hen boarding service to care for them while you're away.


Hens can be a rewarding addition to Nurseries, Schools and Residential Homes. We can give help and advice in setting up your project.

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Your own supply of wonderful free range eggs 

 Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods available and are a source of nearly all the essential vitamins and minerals required for good health. They taste so much better fresh from your own happy hens too!

Contact Us

Jane Hunter, Broachrigg Farm, Rosewell,

EH24 9DZ  |  Tel: 07968 030 674

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Happy Hens-Happy Customers

“Bought all my chicks from Jane...very helpful ....great thing I've done getting love them and all the neighbours love the fresh eggs.” 


—  Mark Bennion, Facebook

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