Stock List Updated

Wednesday 3rd June

New Birds arriving 6th June but Fully Now Booked.

All stock 13 weeks old at the moment.

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At Edinburgh Chickens you can choose from 14 different varieties of hybrid hen. They all mix happily together so you can pick any combination of birds you like.

They're assorted colours and each type has their own characteristics but  they all share an easy-going nature and have great egg laying potential - you can even choose from brown, white or blue egg layers.

All are suitable to keep in a garden situation and also for novice keepers or happily free range in a large flock.




Edinburgh Chickens are all sold at "Point of Lay", that's 18 - 21 Weeks old.

This means they'll very soon provide you with lots of eggs  and you can be certain that they are healthy young hens.

 pictures are for illustration of type only, each of our hens has her own unique markings and individual beauty.

They are hardy and robust enough to endure a cold Scottish winter and all are hens, absolutely no cockerels!


Broachrigg Farm, Rosewell, Midlothian. EH24 9DZ

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