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Official Omlet Eglu Partner

Hen Houses & Runs

 Comfortable Chickens Lay Lovely Eggs.

We've come across many different Hen Houses, Chicken Coops and Poultry palaces over the years but we've come to the conclusion that the distinctive Omlet Eglu Houses are hard to beat. We've even selected them as accomodation for our holidaying hens 


Edinburgh Chickens Recommends

Although we don't stock Hen Houses on site Omlet will quickly deliver their brilliant products directly to your home. 

The innovative Plastic coops are robust and super easy to clean but if they aren't for you there is also the option of traditionally made Forsham Hen houses and arks made to last from pressure treated timber which are also available from Omlet's website.

Omlet's products include excellent integrated and stand alone runs, electric fencing, chickens toys and the new automatic door opener which can be fitted to their Cube coops as well as most traditional wooden houses too!

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